Construction of a new injection molding and forming plant at IVW

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As part of the TTC project (Technology Center Thermoplastic Composites), work has begun at the Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe on setting up the last remaining large-scale plant. The hydraulically operating, parallel-controlled composite press, which was developed and built by the Austrian company Langzauner GmbH, has a tool clamping area of 2 x 3 m² and a maximum press force of 2,500 t. The press is the central element of a process environment for processing fiber-reinforced plastics and corresponding IVW research and development work. Equipment features include a separate heating and handling unit, which enables the heating and transport of a wide variety of thermoplastic fiber composite semi-finished products, and the addition of an injection molding unit, which can be used to research material and process hybridization technologies for thermoplastic fiber-plastic composites.
Equipped with hydraulic control zones and additional connection options for the control and execution of additional mold functions, the system offers the possibility of adapting a wide range of compression molds. It has a vacuum unit for tools, so that it is also possible to carry out tests in a low-reaction atmosphere. With its features for processing all engineering thermoplastics through to processing high-performance thermoplastics for aerospace applications, the new press enables a very wide range of applications.

Full commissioning is scheduled for May 2022.


Placement of the press subframe with a 650 t mobile crane

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Stefan Giehl

Laboringenieur Press- & Fügetechnologien

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Michael Päßler

Laboringenieur Press- & Fügetechnologien / Roving- & Tapeverarbeitung


Florian Gortner

Postdoc Press- & Fügetechnologien

Spezielle Expertise: Halbzeugentwicklung, Hybride Materialien & Strukturen, Hybridprozesse, Methoden zur Material- & Prozess-Charakterisierung, Presstechnik & Simulation, Material- und Prozessentwicklung

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