Boos and Yagdjian present Innovative Research at World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT)


At the 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT), one of the largest international conferences in the field, two of our colleagues recently presented their groundbreaking research.

Benedikt Boos delivered an insightful presentation on a novel method in acoustic emission testing. His research focuses on better distinguishing the acoustic properties of fiber matrix fractures from other failure modes. This innovative technique is crucial for monitoring components such as aircraft, wind turbines, and hydrogen tanks, significantly aiding in the prediction and prevention of potential failures.

Harutyun Yagdjian presented a poster titled "Investigation of the influence of the afterglow effect on commonly used methods of infrared thermography." His work aims to enhance the accuracy of these methods by refining the empirical representations of flash lamp pulse shapes. This research is pivotal in advancing the field of infrared thermography.

Since 1955, the WCNDT has been at the forefront of promoting advancements in non-destructive testing, playing a crucial role in improving quality and safety across various industries.



Benedikt Boos

Scientific Staff Smart Composites & Nondestructive Testing


Harutyun Yagdjian

Scientific Staff Smart Composites & Nondestructive Testing


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