ECCM21 - 21th European Conference on Composite Materials, Nantes, France


PD Dr.-Ing. habil. David May
Lecture: Data-driven emulators for efficient microscale permeability prediction

Dr. Miro Duhovic
Lecture: “3D-digitilization” of the fiber orientation in C-SMC semi-finished products using in-situ polarization imaging

Dipl.-Ing. Maximilian Eckrich
Lecture: Anisotropic topology optimization considering multiaxial fiber orientations for composite truss structures with improved intersection point design

Tim Schmidt, M.Sc.
Lecture: Guideline development for structural modeling of textile-based composites for the numerical permeability prediction

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Klingler
Lecture: The vitrimer transition phenomenon and its consequences for polymer composite materials

Dr.-Ing.Nicole Motsch-Eichmann
Lecture: Load-bearing lightweight hydrogen tanks for optimal us of design space

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Blass
Lecture: Analytical and numerical investigation of a novel pressure vessel load introduction

Jannis Hüppauff, M.Sc.
Lecture: Development of an innovative thermoplastic door-surronding-structure for a single-aisle-aircraft

Nithya Sindhe, M.Sc.
Lecture: A double-wall CFPR hydrogen storage and distribution system as a structural component in aircraft applications

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Schmeer
Lecture: New tapered specimen geometry for the characterization of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics at medium strain rates

Christian Andriß, M.Sc.
Lecture: An integral method for the efficient characterization and modeling of the nonlinear, rate dependent mechanical behavior of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics

Dr.-Ing. Florian Gortner
Lecture: Development of translucent epoxy-based sheet molding compounds with flame retardant properties for aircraft applications

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