2nd International Symposium on Composite Materials des Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology (RAMT) der Kanazawa University


At the invitation of Prof. Takeshi Yoneyama (Kanazawa University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Japan), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Mitschang held a lecture on “Research Activities of IVW and Development on the Manufacturing of Thermoplastic CFRP” at the 2nd International Symposium on Composite Materials of the Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology (RAMT) of Kanazawa University on 25 March. The lecture of Prof. Mitschang was complemented by a contribution of Prof. Yoneyama on "Research on Mass Production Process using Thermoplastic CFRP- Approach to CFRTP manufacturing from metal forming process". Both presentations were subsequently discussed by the audience.

On the second day of the visit, the technologies presented by Prof. Yoneyama could be examined during a laboratory tour. Due to the research at Kanazawa University, which has so far focused more on metal processing, a number of interesting starting points were identified.

In a scientific discussion, in which Dr. Tatsuno from the Institute of Science and Engineering also took part, common research interests were identified and research topics for future research cooperation were defined.

In addition to Kanazawa University, Prof. Mitschang also visited Enomoto Machine Co. Ltd and Honda Engineering. Enomoto Machine Co. Ltd is a midsize press manufacturer for servo presses, which are typically used for very fast cycle times. The company also intends to use its press technology for processing thermoplastic FKV.Prof. Mitschang presented both the basics of processing and the current work on processing TP-FKV in a lecture. The focus was on thermoforming and hybrid processes. With the owner and Managing Director Yoshio Enomoto and Prof. Dr. Isogawa the possibility of an intensive cooperation, in particular for the simulation of very fast forming processes, was discussed and first topics were fixed.

Finally, a common visit to Honda Engineering was on the agenda. Honda Engineering develops the manufacturing technologies for the Honda production sites with approx. 2,800 employees. In addition to current work on processing thermoplastic FKV, Honda was particularly interested in joining technologies and development of hybrid processes related to the automotive industry. Overall, Honda is very interested in CFK and wants to continue further discussions via Honda Engineering Europe.

Announcement of the 2nd International Symposium on Composite Materials with Prof. Yoneyama and Prof. Mitschang

From left: Prof. Yoneyama, Yoshio Enomoto, Prof. Isogawa and Prof. Mitschang

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