14 September 2023


11:30 h

Registration Foyer Building 57

12:00 h

Lunch and Expo Building 58

13:00 h

Opening Building 57

Ulf Breuer, Scientific Director IVW

13:05 h

Component Development

Chair: Joachim Hausmann, IVW

Ralph Funck, Albany

”Carbon fiber composite components in sustainable aviation”

Konstantin Mehl, Vinay Nagaraj, IVW

”Topology optimization of hybrid components“

Egon Moos, Röchling

”Sustainability in composites for automotive applications“

Christian Andriß, IVW

”An integral method for the efficient characterization and modeling of the nonlinear, rate-dependent behavior of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics“

Christian Becker, IVW

”In-situ damage detection in rCFRP using X-ray microscopy“

15:05 h

Coffee Break Foyer Building 57

15:30 h

Material Science

Chair: Bernd Wetzel, IVW

Eckhard Thines, Stefan Jacob, Luis Antelo, Institut für Biotechnologie und Wirkstoff-Forschung

”Fungal biotechnology: versatile chemists as a tool for sustainable materials science“

Emmanuel Akpan, IVW

”High performance wood composites“

Bernd Wetzel, Jan-Kristian Krüger, Andreas Klingler, IVW

”Advanced measurement of thermomechanical properties”

Andreas Gebhard, IVW

”Transfer films and their influence on friction“

Julia Jungbluth IVW

”In-situ interface characterization of SMA polymer composites“

17:30 h

Lab Tour Building 58

18:30 h

Bus transfer from IVW to hotels

19:30 h

Bus transfer from hotels to evening reception

20:00 h

Evening reception at Pfalzgalerie

22:30 h

Bus transfer back to hotels


15. September 2023


08:00 h

Keynote Building 57

Jose Sanchez, formerly Airbus

”Composite airframe applications – lessons learnt and new challenges“

08:30 h

Manufacturing Science

Chair: Peter Mitschang, IVW

Jens Schlimbach, IVW

”Digital integration of winding hydrogen storage tanks“

Jörg Strohhäcker, Hexagon

”Composite pressure vessels: State-of-the-art, challenges, and future“

Florian Gortner, IVW

”Translucent SMC with flame retardant properties“

Christian-André Keun, Comprisetec

”Materials for interiors in aerospace industry“

Martin Detzel, IVW

”rCF staple fiber tapes“

10:30 h

Coffee Break  Foyer Building 57

10:45 h


Chair: David May, IVW

Suresh Advani, University of Delaware

”Advances in liquid composite molding simulations for automation and digitization“

Tim Schmidt, IVW

”Machine learning-boosted process simulations from fiber to part“

Andreas Wiegmann, Math2Market

”A digital material laboratory for composites“

Dominic Schommer, IVW

”Pushing the limits in compression molding simulation“

Miro Duhovic, IVW

”Applied machine vision for carbon composites manufacturing“

12:45 h

Farewell Peter Mitschang


13:15 h

Lunch and ExpoFoyer Building 58

14:00 h

End of Colloquium