Innovation Center Thermoplastics

Since its foundation, the Institute for Composite Materials has placed a particular focus on the field of thermoplastic fiber reinforced composites. In the past years this orientation has consequently been intensified and further developed for thermoplastic composites of more than regional significance. Thermoplastic fiber composites are characterized in particular by remeltability, highly efficient manufacturing processes, weldability and recyclability. The expertise gained in more than two decades of research is incorporated in new developments along the entire process chain of thermoplastic FRP.

The state government of Rhineland-Palatinate has awarded a grant to IVW for a new EFRE project titled “TTC – Technology Center for Thermoplastic Composites. From semi-finished product to molded part – highly efficient“.

This capacity building project for the technology hub of Kaiserslautern, will give the institute an opportunity of procuring innovative research infrastructure, which will enable its scientists – together with the Science Alliance – to conduct research for the composites of the future at the highest level in the years to come.

Thermoplastic FRP are a particular focus of IVW's research.

Consequently, the first IVW initiated and coordinated Horizon 2020 EU project “FlexHyJoin” focused on the joining technology of thermoplastic metal-plastic hybrid components.

Besides processing research projects in this field, IVW also takes a leading role in work groups and networks, such as the work group for the characterization of UD tapes and organo sheets of AVK or the work group “Thermoplastics” of CCeV.

Together with our spin-offs we are also working in the area of tape processing. With our leading researchers regularly conducting seminars in the field of thermoplastic FRP in Augsburg and Stade, the competencies of our institute are also involved in teaching nationwide.