OPTIMAS TU Kaiserslautern

IVW is a member of the National Research Center OPTIMAS, a merger of the physics, chemistry and engineering department at the University of Kaiserslautern and the research institutions IFOS, Fraunhofer IPM and Photonic Center Kaiserslautern.

OPTIMAS combines optical technologies and materials science. Interdisciplinary research on the interaction of light with various materials is performed by the partners. For IVW it opens up interesting possibilities for cooperation in the field of materials analytics, lasermachining of composites and non-destructive testing. With its application-related know-how IVW forms an important bridge into the composites industry.

OPTIMAS combines optical technologies and materials science.

Several successful research projects were initiated by IVW, which originated in the frame of OPTIMAS:

PICASO: picosecond laser CFRP structuring & optimization; Photonik Zentrum KL e.V., IVW GmbH; funded by Stiftung Innovation Rheinland-Pfalz

K-MAP: Kaiserslautern Materialentwicklung und Prüfung (Kaiserslautern Material Development and Testing); IVW, PZKL, TU KL (AG optische Technologien und Photonik); funded within the RWB-EFRE-programm Rheinland-Pfalz

OnTaLeko: Entwicklung eines Online-Tapelegekopfes (Development of an online tape laying head); IVW, PZKL und Industrie, funded by BMWi/ZIM