Diemersteiner Kreis

Diemersteiner Kreis is a network of decision-makers from universities, research institutes, business development agencies and enterprises, targeting to increase the numbers of high-tech start-ups in the area of Kaiserslautern.

Diemersteiner Kreis
 is aiming at a positive change of the start-up climate
in the region and sees itself as a forum for a successful implementation
of start-ups and spin-offs.


  • Increase of number and success of high-tech start-ups
  • Increase of Kaiserslautern’s visibility as a business and science location
  • Support of the economic development of the region
  • Commitment of professors for business start-ups
  • Employment creation

Dr. Stefan Weiler
Chairman Diemersteiner Kreis

Email: kontakt@diemersteiner-kreis.de