CU West

In 2019, a lot of attention was paid to the successful merger of Carbon Composites e.V. with CFK Valley e.V. to form Composites United e.V. This has created one of the largest global networks for fiber-based, multi-material lightweight construction. Based on these changes, the structure of CU West (formerly CC West) has also evolved. A new regional department for the North has been added, with the CU West now focusing on Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia. After the successful establishment and development of the department by Dr.-Ing. Nicole Motsch, the management of the department was transferred in summer 2019 to Dipl.-Sporting. Matthias Bendler.
 We thank Dr. Motsch for her excellent work.

IVW hosts the regional office

headed by department manager Dipl.-Sporting. Matthias Bendler.

In 2019, CU West has carried out and supported numerous events, among others

  •  the CCeV theme day  “Fatigue and structural integrity of composites” • the basic seminar  “Thermoplastic fiber-plastic composites”
  • the CCeV theme day “Thermoplastic Composites” • the 22nd Symposium Composites and Composite Materials
  • the workshop Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage based on bioglycerine and CF production with renewable energies
  • the 3rd symposium COMPOSITE RECYCLING & LCA
  • the AG Biocomposites  (in future together with AVK)
  • the CCeV Theme Day “Digitization in the Processing of Thermoplastic Composites” In the context of the sustainability lobbying work
  • the LAGA ad hoc committee on fibrous waste, • the parliamentary evening  “Sustainability Plastics” in Berlin
  • the Bavarian parliamentary group B90/The Greens in Munich
  • and the Federal Ministry for the Environment were supported and adviced.

In addition CU West coordinates the project “rCF-Mobil - Recycled HighPerformance Composites for Mobility and Transport Applications”, which is funded by the BMBF within the framework of the KMU-NetC programme.

Composites United e.V. (merger of Carbon Composites e.V. with CFK Valley e.V.) is one of the largest global networks for fiber-based, multi-material lightweight construction with international representatives in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, China and India. The new association is based in Berlin.



Matthias Bendler

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Room: 58/575