Poster Show

AIRPOXY – Thermoforming and Welding of 3R-Vitrimer Based FRP

FlexiFrame – Highly Flexible Hybrid Composite Rear End for Individual Mountain Bike Frames

Non-Destructive Testing of Polymer Composites with Infrared Thermography Methods

Digitized Design of Textiles and Permeability Measurement Allows Time- and Cost Efficient Material Selection

Speedpreg – High Speed Winding Process

3DPrint2Fiber - Fiber Reinforced Ankle Foot Orthosis

From Brittle to Tough – Nano Phase Toughened Composites

3D Structural Analysis of Composite Materials via Micro-Focused X-ray Computed Tomography

Innovative Manufacturing of FRP Wheels

Process Simulation - Overview and Project Examples of the five Key Topics

Sustainable Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)

Multifunctional Composites Reinforced by Continuous Carbon and Steel Fibers

Novel Experimental Approach for a Robust Determination of Out-of-Plane Permeability of Engineering Textiles

Flame Retardant Sustainable Composites for Transport and Building

Adaptive Structures for Aircraft Technology

Next.Move – Structural FRP Cores for Aviation Applications

Photo-Optical In-Situ Quantification of Transfer Films

Organo Sheets in Fatigue Loaded Components

Thermoplastic Foam Structure For Semi-Structural Components

Flexible Production of High-Performance Thermoplastic Composites on Powder-Impregnated Tapes

Process Optimization of Continuous Induction Welding Process

Recycling of Carbon Fiber Composites − Accompanying Analytical Methods for Quality Control

Fiber Skeleton in the Injection Molding Process

HySpine – Hybrid Composite Spinal Implant

AIRPOXY – Semi-Finished Products Made of Vitrimer Based FRP

Hybrid Processing of Stamp-Forming and Co-Consolidation

User-Defined Material Model for Sheet Molding Compounds

Sustainable Bio-Based Foams and Composites

Data Modelling, Information Management and Workflow Digitalization in Tribology Laboratories

Marine Care - Sustainable Composites for Marine Applications