International Conference on Composite Materials ICCM23, Belfast


PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Martin Gurka

Vortragstitel: Characterization of active shape control SMAHCS under the influence of various amient temperatures

Vortragstitel: Characterization and improvement of SMA-Polymer interface in active hybrid composites

Dr.-Ing. Nicole Eichmann

Vortragstitel: Hollow fiber-reinforced structural cores for complex part manufacturing

Christian Becker, M.Sc.

Vortragstitel: Characterization of the damage behavior of recycled carbon fiber with x-ray and acoustic emission techniques

Dipl.-Ing. Benedikt Bergmann

Vortragstitel: Novel process for the wet filament winding

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Blass

Vortragstitel: Development of a hybrid process for the production of personalized and structurally optimized 3D-printet Orthoses

Thomas Hoffmann, M.Sc.

Vortragstitel: Decoupled electromagnetic simulation of the induction welding process of CFRTP composites

Jannis Hüppauff, M.Sc.

Vortragstitel: Novel structure-integrated hydrogen storage systems for aerospace and automotive applications

Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Kunzler

Vortragstitel: 4D-printing of hybrid composites: Integration of shape memory alloy wires on material level using SLA printing technique

Vinay Nagaraj, M.Sc.

Vortragstitel: Structural optimization to derive feasible and manufacturable tailored fiber placement (TFP) designs

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