AIRPOXY – Thermoforming and Welding of 3R-Vitrimer Based FRP

FlexiFrame – Highly Flexible Hybrid Composite Rear End for Individual Mountain Bike Frames

Speedpreg – High Speed Winding Process

3DPrint2Fiber - Fiber Reinforced Ankle Foot Orthosis

From Brittle to Tough – Nano Phase Toughened Composites

3D Structural Analysis of Composite Materials via Micro-Focused X-ray Computed Tomography

Innovative Manufacturing of FRP Wheels

Process Simulation - Overview and Project Examples of the five Key Topics

Non-Destructive Testing of Polymer Composites with Infrared Thermography Methods

Digitized Design of Textiles and Permeability Measurement Allows Time- and Cost Efficient Material Selection

Sustainable Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)

Multifunctional Composites Reinforced by Continuous Carbon and Steel Fibers

Flame Retardant Sustainable Composites for Transport and Building

Adaptive Structures for Aircraft Technology

Next.Move – Structural FRP Cores for Aviation Applications

Photo-Optical In-Situ Quantification of Transfer Films

Organo Sheets in Fatigue Loaded Components

Thermoplastic Foam Structure For Semi-Structural Components

Flexible Production of High-Performance Thermoplastic Composites on Powder-Impregnated Tapes

Novel Experimental Approach for a Robust Determination of Out-of-Plane Permeability of Engineering Textiles

Process Optimization of Continuous Induction Welding Process

Recycling of Carbon Fiber Composites − Accompanying Analytical Methods for Quality Control

Fiber Skeleton in the Injection Molding Process

HySpine – Hybrid Composite Spinal Implant

AIRPOXY – Semi-Finished Products Made of Vitrimer Based FRP

Hybrid Processing of Stamp-Forming and Co-Consolidation

User-Defined Material Model for Sheet Molding Compounds

Sustainable Bio-Based Foams and Composites

Data Modelling, Information Management and Workflow Digitalization in Tribology Laboratories

Marine Care - Sustainable Composites for Marine Applications