Projects P-Z

PowerPump - Composites for Innovotive Radial Piston Pump

Development of a new radial piston pump with only a small number of highperformance polymeric sliding components


TPC materials are beneficially combined to provide the industry functional high-performance parts

ReSa - Residual Stress Analyzer

Development of a mobile Residual Stress Analyzer (abbreviation ReSA)

Rheological Investigations of Polymers

Investigation of the melt flow behavior of thermoplastic polymers and blends

Rheological Investigations of Polymers

High-pressure capillary rheometer is used to investigate the melt flow behavior of thermoplastic polymers and blends.

Damage Tolerant Resin Formulations for GFRP-Rectangular Containers

Development of a damage tolerant rectangular container


Life time enhancement of thermoplastic FRP-metal-hybrids by reducing process induced residual stresses


Development of fully bio-based natural fiber reinforced composites for load-bearing exterior applications in the automotive industry

Lubricant Transfer Mechanisms of Solid Lubiaatd Rolling Bearings

Detailed analyzation of the physical and chemical processes of the solid lubricant supply (flow) and the tribological behavior of these solid lubricated rolling bearings

Uni-Injekt – Universally Applicable Resin Injection Systems

Development of a concept for the on-line process control, including “smart” injection tools with integrated sensors


Development of a New Resonant Scanner


With active hybrid structures a new situational aerodynamic adaptability of aircrafts is possible

Impact of Graphite Types on Mechanical/Tribological Properties

Solid lubricated sliding pairs are applied in a wide range of technical applications