Projects M-O

Material Model for the Compression Behavior in SMC

Development of an efficient and accurate material model for the prediction of the flow behavior and the fiber orientation in SMC materials

Math2Composites – Material Simulator for Textile Based Composites

Development of a simulation software module for the determination of material parameters, which replaces experimental tests by validated simulations.

Nanomodification of UV Curable Resins for GFRP Hose Liners

Modification of UV light cured unsaturated polyester resin

Next-Move – Concepts of Next Generation of Moveables

Introduction of a new methodology that enables the production of closed FRP box structures efficiently and enables new possibilities of construction

Offaxis Stable Fiber Reinforced Crash Box 2

Development of a cost-effective offaxis stable fiber reinforced crash box for series application in passenger cars

OSFIT: CFRP Integral Aircraft Frame with Thermoplastic Matrix

Development of a highly automated manufacturing process for CFRP-structural parts, such as aircraft frames, with thermoplastic-matrix