Projects I-L

Induction Welding of CFK

Increasing the velocity of the induction welding process

InduNano – Forming of Functionalized Hybrid Materials

Shortening of the process chain via innovative multi-functional materials

InfraHeat – Development of an Infrared Absorber

Development of an appropriate process chain for the processing of NFRP by infrared heating and implementation of suitable absorbers into the polymer matrix

InTeKS – Innovative Textile Structures made of Carbon Staple Fibers

Manufacture and plastic deformation testing of organic sheets based on novel staple fiber textiles

LIBRE – Lignin Based Carbon Fibres for Composites

Development of carbon fibers (CF) on the basis of renewable resources as a sustainable alternative for conventional fossil polyacrylnitril (PAN) based reinforcement fibers

LifeTool – Lifetime Assessment of Organo Sheets

Development of a simulation tool for the life-time estimation of continuously glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

Listen2theSOURCE – Identifying Damaging Events in FRP Acoustically

Listen2theSOURCE develops the necessary tools to enable acoustic emission analysis for reliably identifying different types of damage in fiber reinforced plastics.