Projects E-H

ECOrCF - Environmentally Friendly and Holistic Recycling of CFRP

Development of a holistic thermolysis process as well as preparation of recycled CF for reuse

ELSE - Cyclic Loading Resistant Resins

Development of carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials with highest cyclic strength for applications in ultra-fast rotating fly-wheels.

FlexHyJoin - Flexible Production Cell for Hybrid Joining

Improvement of the use FRP by developing a fully automatic joining process for the automotive industry

FlexiFrame - Flexible Hybrid Composite Rear for MTB Frames

Development of a new driver-individual bicycle frame design including efficient process technology

FlexshaftX – Flexible Torsion Shaft

Optimization of a FE-based unit cell

FUTURE / SCFRP – Function Integration Using Metal Fiber Filaments

Enhancement of electrical and mechanical key properties of CFRP by integrating steel fibers

Fundamentals Concerning Impregnation of Preforms Manufactured by Dry Fiber Placement

Investigation of causal correlations between structural variations on all scale levels and the impregnation behavior of DFP preforms

Honda Initiation Grant Europe 2017

Development of Wet Fiber Placement, a novel process for fiber placement with online-impregnation

HoSpaRo – Composite Cans in Circulating Pumps

Innovative manufacturing process for composite cans by processing fast curing resins in a near-net-shaped filament winding process

HyRoS – Multifunctional Hybrid Rotor Blade Protection System

Development of an erosion protection layer for wind energy plants and a rotor blade heating system

HySpine – Development of a Metal-Free Spinal Implant

Development of a metal-free pedicle screw system to prevent artefacts.