closed Projects

ARIANE 6 - Process Development

Development and production of several structural parts including the rocket's booster casings


Conducting experiments with CFK-cooling tubes for the next detector generation


Development of high performance composites made of natural fibers and biopolymers for structural applications in the building sector


Development of thermoplastic polymer mixtures (blends)


Development of high temperature resistant toughened CE winding resins for the construction of lightweight electrical drives

DFG-Energy Absorbing Sewing Joints

Investigation of sewing joints used for energy absorption in case of critical tensile and bending loads


Development of a software product prototype for the efficient, automated, and optimized identification of parameters of FE-models of fiber-reinforced plastics


Development of hybrid components made of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials and unidirectional reinforcements

Erosive Blast

Reproducable tribological data for polymeric high performance coatings


Development of a flexible CFRP torque shaft

Boot Lid Demonstrator

Development of surface optimized organic sheets


Development of a composite material rotor reinforcement for an electric motor


Innovative Materials & Synergies Composite Processing Strategies: improvements in matrix-dominated material properties of continuously reinforced fiber plastic composites


Development of an environmentally friendly heat, noise and fire (HNF) insulation system for industrial buildings


Design studies for implementation of a non-metallic anaeurysm clip

Instant Damage Indication

Implementation and verification of a Structural Health Monitoring system


Establishing a new laboratory at the IVW for material characterization and testing of composite materials


Development of structural parts in multi-material-design for the commercial vehicle industry


Development of a function and production optimized lightweight high voltage storage (HVS) kit


Development of a modular and compact tape placement head with integrated quality control


Development of a novel composite material based on the combination of thermosetting semi-finished product (e.g. Sheet Moulding Compound) and textile preform to extend properties and application scope


Development of a cost- and energy efficient process chain for the manufacturing of components for lightweight applications

Selective Induction Welding of Hybrid Components

Induction welding method for selective joining of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics

Recycling of Composite Materials ( CFRP ) with a Thermoplastic Matrix

Development of a novel concept for the processing of recycles pre-consolidated CFRP panels

Smart Structures

Integration of active shape memory alloy (SMA) elements in a bistable composite structure and development of a systematic design method for these smart structures


Development of a new upper-stage rocket engine for the new Ariane launcher


Development of an application oriented tribological testing method


Development of a fiber placement process for a load optimized manufacturing („Isogrid Structures“) of weight- and crash-optimized aircraft segments


The permeability measurement cell “2D-Capa-Perm” is extensively optimized in order to enable the measurement of the permeability of textiles in industrial applications


Development of efficient methods for joining hybrid components made of fiber reinforced theromplastics and metals