Annual Report 2017

Since its foundation, IVW has been the bridge between basic research and application with its expertise. In 2017, we were once again able to prove this successfully. After having developed the fundamentals for the integration of metallic wires made of shape memory alloys into fiber composite structures as well as for the modeling of the deformation behavior by a project funded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, we consistently proceeded with the next steps. In a collaborative project, we were able to demonstrate practical feasibility for highly innovative, active control elements together with an industrial partner (“VortexGen”, page 110). With controlled activation by electric current, the ohmic resistance causes the material to heat-up resulting in a phase transformation and thus a change in length: The shape of the structure made from the innovative composite material can be changed “at the push of a button” and adjusted to a new situation during operation. This adaptivity is interesting for a large number of technical applications. We were particularly pleased that we were successful with an EXIST application to the Federal Ministry of Economics. This once again enables a successful team of our scientists to find their way into self-employment, page 141.

In 2017, we further expanded our special expertise in the field of thermoplastic fiber composites. We were particularly successful in the field of standardization of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics, page 38. Here we also support the DIN committee for standards NA 054-02-02 AA “Reinforced plastics and hardenable resins”. Together with our partners, we are also involved in the aviation research program of the Federal Government with thermoplastic composites. But no matter whether thermoset or thermoplastic fiber composites are concerned: I trust that our annual report will make interesting reading and you will see that you are always in the right place with us!